Virtual Laboratory «Physics»


The virtual laboratory is designed for organizing distance education, conducting experiments and laboratory work in the school subject «Physics» in the part of the section «Mechanics».

Do you want to work in a Virtual Laboratory?

The Virtual Laboratory «Mechanics» is an ideal interactive tool for those who want to understand the principles of the section of physics called «Mechanics». A large set of devices allows you to assemble complex mechanical schemes, within which there is active interaction of objects.

  • The connection of equipment items with each other helps to accurately determine the time of the start of movement and stopping of the body.

  • The mathematical model analyzes many types of body movements, including oscillatory.

  • The set of available materials significantly exceeds the stock of an average school or institute laboratory.

The «Physics» Virtual Laboratory, section «Mechanics» allows:

  • Mathematically correctly calculate and freely simulate mechanics and interaction with objects. For this, three-dimensional laboratory equipment and measuring instruments are available without restrictions on the number of objects used simultaneously in the Virtual Laboratory (the «sandbox» concept).

  • Measure the volumes of bodies placed in a container with liquid.

  • Determine the masses of bodies on the measuring platform of the scales.

  • Measure force and determine time intervals, measure the height of the raised object.

  • Measure the diameter of small bodies using the row method. The set can be filled with rows of different sizes.

  • Control the elements of the assembled mechanical scheme during the experiment. Thanks to the convenient and multifunctional interface, the laboratory gives the user not only an educational but also a gaming experience.

How to work with a Virtual Laboratory?