«Technology» Virtual Laboratory


The Virtual Laboratory allows you to learn the basics of drafting, developing skills in analysis and construction of drawings. In the virtual space, classic drafting is recreated using drafting tools used on paper.

Do you want to work in a Virtual Laboratory?

The «Drafting» Virtual Laboratory helps to comprehend the basics of engineering graphics and provides a set of drawing tools. It simulates the process of creating a drawing as if it is created on drafting paper.

Unlike specialized engineering packages, the application does not solve tasks for the student. On the contrary, the student must clearly understand what steps they are taking to create a drawing. For example, to delete a line, the student will have to «manually erase» it using the «Eraser» tool.

Create a drawing of any complexity. What can be done on paper is possible here too. The compass is one of the most complex drafting tools. Get acquainted with it in the application. The built-in on-screen keyboard contains special drafting symbols necessary for work.

The «Technology» Virtual Laboratory, section «Drafting» allows:

  • To perform a drawing of various complexity, using principles of classical drafting «on paper», and acquire skills that will further help in modeling and working with more complex systems, for example, CAD (Computer-Aided Design) systems.

  • To draw in conditions that are as close to real as possible: drawn cannot be undone - only erased, and lines can be drawn only using the corresponding drafting tools.

  • To use virtual drafting tools: «Ruler», «Compass», «Protractor», «Compass Set».

How to work with a Virtual Laboratory?