Virtual laboratories VR-Labs are web applications that allow practical study of various scientific disciplines (physics, chemistry, robotics, drafting, etc.) using a wide range of virtual tools for conducting experiments and research.

The virtual laboratory is easy to use, safe, accessible on any PC with an installed browser and allows creating any necessary conditions for conducting research within its subject matter.

Using Virtual Labs in learning increases student engagement in the subject and allows for a better understanding of it.

What is a Virtual Laboratory for?

Large catalog of equipment
The virtual lab contains a large catalog of various school equipment, which will allow conducting experiments in all subjects included in the Federal State Educational Standard.
Realistic experiments
The virtual lab allows testing hypotheses, experimenting, exploring, confirming the reality of physical laws, expanding the range of manipulations with objects.
Time control
The virtual lab allows controlling time within the experiment, slowing it down or speeding it up.
Research and learning
The main task of the Virtual Laboratory is to form research skills in children.
Saving study time
The teacher does not spend time preparing visual experiments in class. Students can prepare at home to work with real school equipment.

Virtual labs are designed for organizing distance education, conducting experiments and laboratory work on a virtual desktop in various school subjects in a cloud application.

Virtual labs allow:
  • To remotely test hypotheses, experiment, explore, confirm the reality of physical laws, expand the range of manipulations with objects for students.

  • To form research skills in children.

  • To remotely control the quality and completeness of the knowledge obtained.

  • To freely model the ``real physical world`` and interaction with objects using a set of three-dimensional laboratory equipment and measuring instruments without restrictions on the number of objects simultaneously used in the Virtual Laboratory (the ``sandbox`` concept).

  • To correctly calculate the interaction with objects depending on the variants of their use and in the absence of restrictions on the number of objects in the Virtual Laboratory, applying the built-in mathematical model.

How to work with Virtual Laboratories?

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